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Looking for help?

If you need any help for troubleshooting, please mail to: PSD2 Support


A prerequisite for support as a Third Party Provider (TPP): you must either be approved as a TPP or in process for approval at the national authorities.


To help us assist you analyzing and debugging connection issues, ifpossible please provide us the following information:

  • Source IP address of the requests
  • The full URL you're calling
  • A copy/dump of request and response - headers + payload. Sensitive information should be redacted.
  • Timestamp of the request(s)
  • Expected result
  • Details about your QWAC + QSeal certificates
  • Code snippet/test case toreproduce the request. 


2020-04-14 Information regarding PIS endpoint update

A typo in the Berlin Group documentation, which we strive to follow, has resulted in an incorrect implementation of two Payment Initiation Service (PIS) endpoints. We intend to correct this error, and thus will be changing the paths to the two endpoints in question.


The change is planned to be put into production April 28th.


The following changes are going to be implemented:


  1.  GET /v1/{payment-service}/{paymentId}/status 
    will become 
    GET /v1/{payment-service}/{payment-product}/{paymentId}/status

  2. GET /v1/{payment-service}/{paymentId} 
    will become 
    GET /v1/{payment-service}/{payment-product}/{paymentId}                         



You are welcome to contact our support with any questions or concerns You may have.