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PSD2 Glossary

AISPAccount Information Service Provider
AISAccount Information Services. Services pertaining to information regarding accounts, balances, etc
ASPSPAccount Servicing Payment Service Provider
CBPIICard Based Payment Instrument Issuer
StatelessData sent to the server is validated, but not used for the response. you may submit a payment initiation of 200 DKK, but there will be no retrievable posting on the account afterwards of 200 DKK.
eIDASelectronic identification, authentication and trust services. Certificates for securing the interfaces between TPP and ASPSP. A combination of QWAC and QSEAL is used to establish a secure channel with two way authendication and non-repudiation
EBAEuropean Banking Authority


Inernational account number
BBANNational account number
NCANational Competent Authority - In Denmark Finanstilsynet
PIISPPayment Initation Instrument Service Provider
PIISPayment Initation Instrument Services
PISPayment Initiation Services
PSUPayment Service User. The account holder/financial institution's customer
PSD2Payment Services Directive 2
PSPPayment Services Provider
PSCPersonalized Security Credentials
QTSPQualified Trust Service Provider
QSEALQualified Certificate for Seals (Content)
QWACQualified Website Authentication Certificate (Transport)
SCAStrong Customer Authentication

Sunshine Scenario 

The normal operation where all the parameters are correct, and there is a response to return.
Consent A formal consent (specified in Berlin Group Framework) from the PSU to authorize the TPP towards the ASPSP to access account information services on behalf of the PSU.